About Company

munaa krishi limited (MKL) is a social entrepreneur and agri-business initiative of the Non-Resident Nepalese (NRNs) directly collaborating with the farmers, farmers groups, farmers cooperatives and government of Nepal in different level which aims to ensure availability of fresh, healthy and quality agricultural products at affordable prices through a supermarket chain (munaabazar) under the trustworthy brand of munaa. The company is a public company duly registered under companies Act of Nepal; Regd. No-232466/076/077. introducing technologies tested around the world.

munaa will establish a model Agri-market that justifies to producers and consumers both and finally supports to achieve the Nepal government’s defined goal and ultimately impacts on declared the sustainable goals.   

It develops technologically empowered value chain that ensuring fair-deal with the farmers through buy back guarantee and empower them to transform commercial farmers to produce organic and safe food.


munaa operates Munaabazar, an agriculture bazaar for total food/grocery items – vegetables, fruits, crops, tea, coffee, rubber, confectionary, dairy product, meat product, spices, processed food, various types of drinks, grass and feed for animals, agro-vet, nursery, and other cash crops which can grow by farming.

  • Munaabazar outlets – munaabazar, munaabazar express, community munaabazar, Bishal munaabazar (wholesale and retail)
  • Mobile market
  • Global market