Our Services

1. Production/Farming

  • Vegetables farming
  • Aquaponics & Hydroponics
  • Rubber farming
  • Grapes Farming
  • Herbs farming

2. Collection

  • Direct collection from farmers (FARM to FORK policy)
  • Collection through farmers groups, agriculture cooperatives and local government or local agriculture authorities
  • Coordination and utilization of collection centers as per MoU with Bagmati Province and other authorities of Nepal Government
  • Collection points at Local Level, Collection centers at province level and central level warehouse

3. Processing

  • Cleaning, Drying, grading, packaging & labeling
  • Own process plant and processing units for different commodities
  • Collaboration with other SMEs (Third party agreements for different commodities)

4. Marketing (selling local products in national and global market)

5. R&D (Research and Development)

  • Collaboration with government and private labs and food quality institutions to maintain quality of the commodities that we sale in munaabazar.
  • Establish & operate an equipped food lab in order to quality control and branding.
  • R&D in the sector of ready to eat or ready to cook food.
  • Collaboration with concerned stakeholders, i.e. KU SOM, RECAST and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

6. Coordination

  • Farmers, Farmers groups and agriculture cooperatives of community level
  • Consumer network individual, communities, B to B, B to C and other parties
  • Local, Province and Federal government of Nepal
  • NRNs and other concerned international agencies
  • NGOs & INGOs
  • Companies, alliances Cooperatives, SMEs, groups and farmers