Our History

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) operates various committees to transfer knowledge, experience and money. Likewise, the global association of nonresidential Nepalese ‘NRNA’ initiate a very important committee “Agriculture Promotion Committee” (APC) on 13th May  2018, objectives of this committee were to transfer knowledge and technology of agriculture sector to promote agriculture system of Nepal “they (NRNs) wanted to invest; what they earned and what they learned in Diaspora or global communities. 

Through this committee series of interaction has been done with different level of government and non-governmental authorities. In the leadership of the APC the movement extended to Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Denmark, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zeeland, Israel and to the Nepalese living across the world. During the initial undertaking of the vision NRNs from various places involved investing their vision, idea, experience, money and commitment. 

With an intense homework in diaspora, the team landed to field and started working with different authorities of Nepal and JCAPC (Joint cooperation Agriculture promotion committee) has formed that made a MOU with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development of Nepal.

Furthermore, the movement accelerate towards pitch to implement the projected goal. The team collaborated and done MOU with, Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture & Cooperative of Bagmati Province and formed a task force “munaa task force” in order to execute the designed objectives. 
The taskforce organized numbers of interaction program as a campaigning with different level authorities, governmental and nongovernmental institutions, farmers and many concerned parties in Gandaki Province, Bagmati province, Province 1 and province 2 and prioritized the objectives and made focus on market of agriculture sector
Ultimately the notion got name; “munaa (mutual undertaking between NRNs & Agriculture Authority)” and with a team of 120 committed promoters the “MUNAA KRISHI LIMTED” had registered as a public company under companies Act of Nepal. 
The company is established as a social entrepreneur and agri-business initiative of Non-Resident Nepalese (NRNs) directly collaborating with the farmers, farmers groups, farmers cooperatives and government of Nepal.